The True purpose of yoga is to discover that aspect of your being that can never be lost.

We all are in the Pursuit of Complete Stillness. What is complete stillness?

Is it a feeling of calm, an absence of agitation or excitement. We often hear this terminology, and we think we know what it is, but how do we accomplish it?

At Purnam Yoga, we attempt to help you experience this.

In today’s world, time is money and time is something we are all lacking. People are working less than they were 50 years ago, but we have less spare time, we have more and more timesaving devices but less time to use them and we are constantly on the go, working on the go, staying connected on the go.

The connected world means we can reach people far away – but in doing so, we’ve lost contact with ourselves, we’ve lost touch with the inner search engine. In such a world, when do we have the opportunity to find stillness other than when we are sleeping and ideally at some point on our Yoga Mat?


1. Ashtanga Yoga

5 reps 7 minutes


2. Hatha Yoga

12 reps time as needed


3. Vinyasa Yoga

4 reps 6 minutes


4. Jivamukti Yoga

4 reps 6 minutes


5. Bikram Yoga

6 reps 3 minutes


6. Kripalu Yoga

6 reps 2 minutes


7. Iyengar Yoga

3 reps as per breathing


8. Sivananda Yoga

3 reps as per breathing

Great Vibes

How does one pursue this stillness?

We at Purnam, primarily work around 3 areas to help achieve Stillness and experience a certain fulfillment through Day-to-Day Living.


The breath isn’t actually still either, but rather, calm, full and deep, where it is not affected by the circumstance of our lives, the stresses and changes.


The breath isn’t actually still either, but rather, calm, full and deep, where it is not affected by the circumstance of our lives, the stresses and changes.


The breath isn’t actually still either, but rather, calm, full and deep, where it is not affected by the circumstance of our lives, the stresses and changes.

Finding moments of a quiet, not a literal “standstill” but a time when we don’t have to be anywhere or do anything but be on the mat practicing Yoga.

bring the long lasting magic

Our Yoga Practice helps us significantly in finding , stillness

During our physical practice, when we are able to connect our breath, to our body, while shutting out the chatter in our mind, we experience stillness completing ourselves, for a few moments in time, being with our soul.

Stillness can be our greatest healer; a reminder to check in with ourselves, to let go of everything that we have to deal with. So, in today’s connected world, a world that is at war with itself, pursuing stillness within could be the difference between an anxiety attack and a turning point of renewed strength to face another day.

With this “I vow now to develop mindful attention in this body, mind and soul for my own and others benefit.” through Purnam Yoga.

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"I have Lower back pain and Spondylosis issues which reduced my overall flexibility in my daily activities. I joined Purnam Yoga in Jan 2022 as my sister introduced me to Prakash and Purnam Yoga. since then I have been having regular yoga sessions with Prakash. I should say that these sessions have helped me to improve my overall flexibility. Also want to add that Prakash puts me at ease for each Posture / Aasana. Each session is very personalized as he understands my situation and ensures I am comfortable before we get into complex Aasanas. Prakash also helps with specific exercises / postures for my neck / shoulder / back on days when I have aggravated pain, which helps reduce the pain. Would strongly recommend Prakash and Purnam Yoga for anyone who wants to regain their body flexibility through Yoga."
Anuradha Subramaniam
IT services, Minnesota, United States
Anandi Uday
"I joined Prakash’s Yoga classes (Purnam Yoga). He is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher who puts his us completely at ease with regards to yoga by making each class informative, inspirational and enjoyable. He continuously gives feedback to ensure proper alignment and also encourages a steady progression to new, and more difficult poses. I can definitely say that this has been the best experience for me with my current health conditions. I have had RA for almost 20 years now and also had and have multiple movement limitations varying over a period of time. As a teacher he understands my limitations and individualizing each lesson with gentle variations that I am able achieve. Overall, I have seen overall improvement of my health and flexibility since I started attending Purnam Yoga."
Anandi Uday
Householder, Minnesota, United States
Sudarshan Poojary
"I never thought I would take up yoga as the idea of twisting my body never fascinated me. Fate had other ideas as my health issues for the past few months forced my take a step back and address my lifestyle. I had already started running to get back in shape and was introduced to Purnam Yoga by my best buddy. My initial thoughts were that I will not survive beyond the free introductory classes or at the most one month. One more reason to back out was the timing as living in New Zealand never makes it easy to match up. But once the sessions started, I inadvertently started loving yoga. Although the session was challenging for me, My self-evaluation has shown me that has been a marked improvement in fitness, flexibility and agility. Yoga has helped my other exercises like running. The credit to all this goes to my Yoga instructor Prakash Khetpal who has shown patience and resilience in teaching me. He has been professional and used a pace that suits beginners like me rather than just rushing through the sessions. He understands the extremities of each participant and has designed the sessions accordingly. Recommend Purnam Yoga to anyone who has been thinking to take up Yoga."
Sudarshan Poojary
IT Services, Auckland, New Zealand
Sakshi Ganshani
"Yoga is a Healing Art that benefits anyone who experiences stress- so literally anyone. Firstly let me say that my yoga practice is very important to me, both for my physical as well as my mental and spiritual well-being. I love practicing my yoga with Purnam Yoga through Zoom. I’m able to keep up my practice with Prakash who is a great teacher in the comfort of my own home. Prakash’s style of instruction speaks to me because he brings a balanced mind, body and spirit approach to his instruction. He is also able to detect potential hurdles in one’s practice and subtly offers suggestions to help overcome mental as well as physical obstacles. I am continually grateful that I found Purnam Yoga. Yoga with Prakash has had a transformational effect on my life: body, mind and spirit. His classes are challenging, and completely addictive. He is a creative and inspiring teacher. He has a way of reading his students, he has a gentle way of pushing me to strive for more out of my practice. It is an honor and a delight to study yoga. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone- it is delightfully innovative, highly effective experience!"
Sakshi Ganshani
Self-Employed, New York, United States
Shirish Jilla
"Purnam Yoga has been a game changer for me. The classes I've taken over the past 2 years have not only transformed my physical body but also my mental and emotional well-being. With the guidance of Prakash, the instructor, has made for an incredibly rejuvenating and restorative experience. Prakash’s dedication to his craft is truly inspiring. He is not only a skilled and knowledgeable yoga teacher but also a masterful guide on the journey towards self-discovery and inner peace. His class instruction is clear and precise, making it easy for all levels of students to understand and follow. My balance, posture and energy levels have improved greatly, but more importantly, the classes have helped me to reduce stress and anxiety and have given me a sense of calm and clarity that I never thought was possible. I cannot recommend Purnam Yoga enough. If you're looking for a way to improve your physical and mental well-being, this is the place for you."
Shirish Jilla
IT Services, Sydney, AU
Naveen Prakash
"Fast paced ,chaotic schedule ,hustle ,no time for anything. This is how we define ourselves in today's world. I was introduced to yoga more than a decade back. Although ,not until I started learning recently, the true benefits were realized. I'm thankful to Prakash as a friend; and his effort in teaching us and helping me to make a positive impact in life."
Naveen Prakash
Project Manager, Sydney, AU
"I have been fascinated by yoga from a long time and kept trying many YouTube and yoga book Tutorials. However I couldn't gain a steadiness and consistency. With Purnam Yoga, I could distinctly feel the special focus on nuances of the poses, focus on breath along with body movements which struck a sudden body-mind balance. I started feeling refreshed and relaxed throughout the day. Now I don't want to miss the sessions and actually look forward for the class to begin."
Navneet Dogra
Agri-input business, Delhi, India
Shravan Kumar
"I started my yoga journey online during Corona times with Purnam Yoga. I was not sure about how far online work and how long do I continue. Nonetheless, in couple of sessions I could totally connect and enjoy sessions. That’s how transformation journey goes on for last 2 years. With his great skills of Master Prakash and his customised yoga for each session is very inspiring and make me excited to go to mat for 6 pm session thrice in week. Overall, I totally recommend the Yoga for the healthy transformation and transition in to new journey in life."
Shravan Kumar
IT services, Sydney, AU
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