All this is full. All that is full.  From fullness, fullness comes.  When fullness is taken from fullness, Fullness still remains. This fullness is Purnam.

About Purnam

Purnam means full – Complete

We at Purnam, believe in the philosophy of completion, once begun, it is important to complete. A Complete Yoga Experience is a must. Our trainings are not just limited to asanas, the physical movement. We are mindful of imparting the information that adds value to your learning. It is important to slow down and live more.

At Purnam, you will find yourself complete gaining a full experience.

The aim of yoga is ultimately self-realization and to reconnect you to the deepest part of you – to rediscover who you are, and then apply that to your world. Through yoga, you will find peace and balance, self-remembrance; remembering who you are, why you are here, and what you want out of your life. Then bringing that peace, and confidence from the practice on your yoga mat into the rest of your life. Your life will change in miraculous ways!

We invite you to explore and deepen your yoga practice, discover you rownmagic, heal, recharge, relax, learn and thrive.

The Team

Prakash Khetpal, Founder

Our Special Team

We invite you

To explore and deepen your  yoga practice, discover your own magic, heal, recharge, relax, learn and thrive.

Prakash Khetpal

Prakash Khetpal


Prakash Khetpal is an accomplished event organiser, founder of Grasshopper Events and Communication. He recently discovered that it is Yoga where his heart lies, ready to surrender and diversify as a Yoga Instructor he took up a course at The Yoga Institute and completed a Teachers Training Course in January 2021. Prakash Khetpal is from Mumbai. Formally educated as an engineer and has worked as a software engineer for India’s topmost group, Tata Consultancy Services. He ventured into entrepreneurship in the year 2011 opening up an event agency that catered Corporate Events successfully to top MNCs. When Pandemic put a halt to event industry, it was Yoga that bailed him out from the endless anxiety and restlessness. It is then when he decided to take up Yoga. Now he has handful of private clients across the globe and caters to individuals and Corporates through his new venture Purnam Yoga. He believes that caring for one’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being is essential to living a happy and fulfilling life.



Program Head
Yoga Certified Trainer, Spiritual Teacher, Accredited Life Coach.

From aviation to heading the family business in real estate and now teaching Yoga as a way of life, this Hult University graduate has learned flexibility through life lessons. Kamana is a qualified level three teacher from Yoga Central board of India and is currently the Centre Head of The Yoga Institute in Goa. She brings with her a decade of experience of personal practice and also has extensive experience teaching yoga to students ranging from novices to regular practitioners of all age groups. She is actively involved in the BMC children yoga program and rescued girls rehabilitation program with the Brihanmumbai municipal corporation of Mumbai. She holds an in depth knowledge of Yoga Philosophy and is a certified Yoga Sutra Trainer. She has trained in a number of modalities and has developed her own healing and coaching technique. She is passionate about assisting individuals and corporates to learn essential lessons about how to live life harmoniously, co-creating joy, flow, and abundance with natural ease bringing all this with her tremendous experience of over a decade. She has a natural ability to create a safe and expansive environment where true transformation and lasting change occur making you complete. As program director, she helps curate programs and workshops, leading us the best possible way offering a complete solution.


Dr. Amol

Yoga Certified Trainer

Dr. Amol is an MD in Ayurveda from the National Institute of Ayurveda in Jaipur. His training is in Kayachikitsa, internal medicine. When it comes to yoga, he is a dedicated practitioner with a deep interest in the science of Yoga. He has a special interest in the role that yoga and ayurveda can play in body rejuvenation and preventive care. Being a student of these subjects to date what fascinates to me is how Ayurveda and Yoga intertwine together and help create vital health. The Philosophy of health for me is not just the absence of disease but also having a good physique, mental clarity, happiness, and a sense of purpose. Today, I feel blessed to have studied both Yoga and Ayurveda in depth and to have the capacity to help people heal their bodies, mind, and soul.



Yoga Certified Trainer

He is a qualified RYT 900 HRS and RYT5 00 HRS teacher from The Yoga Institute Mumbai. With over 3+ years of professional experience Sumit comes as a highly motivated and energetic teacher. Someone who is comfortable working with all age groups and has deep knowledge of asanas, relaxation and breathing techniques. He enjoys inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long term mental health and fitness goals. Committed to providing extensive instruction and counselling to his clients, while motivating them to find their true inner peace and their healthiest self. Possesses skills to modify the practise on demand based on the abilities or limitations of participating members.



Yoga Certified Trainer

Ram has been teaching Yoga as a way of life, has learned flexibility through life lessons. He is a qualified RYT -200 HRS From SVYASA Bangalore and RYT-500 HRS teacher from The yoga institute Mumbai and is currently the Asana Teacher teaching at The Yoga Institute Mumbai too. He brings with his experience of 2 years, personal practice and also has extensive experience teaching yoga to students ranging from novices to regular practitioners of all age groups. He has a natural ability to create balance between flexibility, mobility , strength and steadiness of the body and mind. He creates a safe environment where true transformation and lasting change occur making you complete.

Yoga anchors you to the present.