Warrior 2 Pose

Virabhadrasana II

Virabhadrasana 2 (Warrior 2 Pose), named after Hindu god who incarnated as a human, enhances the strength and stamina of beginner and advanced yogis alike. In the pose, your front knee bends to create a stretch in your hips, your arms engage and extend straight out from your shoulders, and your gaze, or dristhi, remains calm and steady toward your front hand. It is the second of three poses dedicated to Virabhadra.

When you stay in the pose for any length of time, you strengthen your resolve and focus. Remain internally focused on your physical and mental sensations. Become aware of any discomfort and discern whether your desire to straighten your leg and release your arms comes from a physical need or a psychological want. Always act according to your need in the moment. This discernment is the discipline and strength of a true warrior.


Sanskrit: Virabhadrasana II (veer-ah-bah-DRAHS-anna)

Virabhadra = the name of a fierce warrior, an incarnation of Shiva, described as having a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, and a thousand feet, wielding a thousand clubs and wearing a tiger’s skin

Other Warrior II perks:

• Improves posture and counteracts the effects of prolonged sitting

Pose basics

Pose type: Standing Posture

Targets: Hip flexibility

Benefits: The posture strengthens your core, including your abs and back muscles, as well as the hip flexors, gluteal muscles, inner thigh, and ankle of the bent leg. In your back leg, the pose stretches the hip flexors, hamstring, and calf muscles. Warrior II stretches your chest, stretches and strengthens your shoulders, and increases your endurance, one bent knee at a time.

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